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Madonna, NFT Koleksiyonu için Beeple ile işbirliği yapıyor

Madonna, NFT Koleksiyonu için Beeple ile işbirliği yapıyor

Pop diva Madonna has launched her own NFT collection in collaboration with popular American digital artist Beeple. 

Beeple’s Latest NFT Collab

Madonna has finally acted upon her fascination with non-fungible tokens by launching her own collection. The legendary pop superstar has collaborated with digital artist Mike Winkelmann, more commonly known as Beeple, to release her “Mother of Creation” collection as NFTs. The creative process behind the collection stemmed from a year-long collaboration between the two. Noting the momentous occasion, Beeple commented, 

“It’s a huge, crazy honor. I don’t cooperate much. This is probably the only thing I will do for a very long time.”

Beeple’s biggest claim to fame was his “EVERYDAYS: The First 5000 Days" NFT artwork, which sold for a whopping $69 million at the British auction house, Christie’s in March 2021. The artist has also launched his own NFT marketplace, WENEW, in conjunction with TIME, Universal Music Group, Warner Music Group, Wasserman, and Endeavor.

“Mother of Creation” NFT Collection

The three one-minute-long videos in the collection are individually titled Mother of Nature, Mother of Evolution, and Mother of Technology, with each representing a “different form of birth in our contemporary world.” In the Mother of Nature video, Madonna’s digital avatar is shown to be birthing a tree, while the audio is that of Madonna reading a poem specially written for the project. In the Mother of Evolution video, the setting is post-apocalyptical, and the avatar is birthing butterflies, signifying change. The background audio for this one is Madonna reading the lyrics of her song “Justify My Love.” Finally, the last video, Mother of Technology, showcases the digital avatar birthing robotic centipedes while surrounded by the forest, depicting the creation and use of science for good in tandem with the natural world. 

Talking about the collection, Madonna stated, 

“It’s been an amazing journey building this together from an intellectual idea to an emotional story, giving birth to art. I wanted to investigate the concept of creation, not only the way a child enters the world through a woman’s v- but also the way an artist gives birth to creativity.”

All Proceeds To Go To Charity

The auction, which will be held on the SuperRare NFT marketplace on May 11, will be directing all its proceeds to three different nonprofits helping women and children in need. The first organization benefiting from the NFT auction will be the Children’s Voice Foundation, which works with the victims of the Ukraine-Russia war. The next organization receiving funds from the charity auction is the City of Joy Foundation, which helps victims of violence in the Democratic Republic of Congo. The third and final share of the proceeds from the charity auction will be channeled towards the Black Mamas Bail Out movement, which provides bail for incarcerated caregivers from the African-American community. 

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